Our Herbal Lizard Repellent Spray is made from:

  • 1) Citronella
  • 2) Lemongrass
  • 3) Cedarwood
  • 4) Neem

Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals. They are:

  • 1) Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • 2) Made exclusively from natural ingredients and plant extracts.
  • 3) Never tested on animals.
  • 4) Kind to waterways and marine life.
  • 5) Safe for kids and cause zero side effects.

How to eliminate lizards

  1. 1) Spray the herbal lizard repellent on the surfaces where lizards roam.
  2. 2) Spray continuously for 5 days.
  3. 3) Lizards will be repelled and will not visit the area for a few weeks.
  4. 4) Spray again in the same area if you spot lizards.

This will then repel them completely. Will not stain the walls.

How Much Do I Need?

Size (ml) Timeline
100500(Refill) 1 Month: Contains 450 sprays and lasts for a month in a 2-3 bedroom house.4-5 Months